Five Ways to Save Money on a Custom Engagement Ring

What happens after someone finds their soulmate? In most cases it’s time for a marriage proposal. Cue the wedding bells! But first comes the sometimes-daunting task of finding the perfect engagement ring. More and more people are deciding a custom engagement ring is the best way to express their love and commitment. Cost, however, is one of the biggest considerations people are making in their engagement ring journeys. Most custom engagement ring shoppers have some sort of budget in mind. Whether a budget is large or small, here are five ways to save money on a custom engagement ring. 

1. Use materials they already own

Many times families have gemstones, diamonds, and gold that can be used for a custom engagement ring. If someone is given Grandma’s 1ct diamond, they can save thousands on their purchase. As a bonus, they can include sentimental family heirlooms into their treasured ring.

2. Use lab grown diamonds or gemstones

Natural diamonds and fine gemstones can be expensive. The alternative, lab grown, can save people hundreds to thousands of dollars. Lab grown diamonds and gemstones are identical to their natural counterparts in both physical and chemical traits. They look identical (or sometimes better) and have the same durability and hardness. 

3. Discuss the budget

The beauty of custom is flexibility. If a budget is discussed right away, the consultant can create a design that works within the parameters. Designers can save their clients’ money by adjusting the design, using smaller or fewer gemstones, using less precious metal, etc.

Five Ways to Save Money on a Custom Engagement Ring

4. Simplify the design

Time costs money. The more complicated a custom design is, the more time it takes the goldsmith to create the engagement ring. An easy way to save money is to create a beautiful and unique design that can be made in less time. 

5. Buy a well-made product

All jewelry needs to be repaired at one time or another. Engagement rings can see a lot of wear and tear as they are rarely taken off. Working with a trusted jeweler to begin with can save a lot of money on repair work in the future. Remember, thinner and lighter is not always better.

Owner of Virginia Ann Designs, Virginia Hay-Arthur, is an example of a custom jeweler who specializes in creating custom engagement rings that are designed beautifully and built with integrity. “I believe every couple deserves a well-made engagement ring,” says Virginia, “and I work incredibly hard to design and make that special ring within your budget.” 

You can work one-on-one with Virginia to create a unique engagement ring that suits both your relationship and your budget. Schedule a complimentary, virtual design consultation today.


Five Ways to Save Money on a Custom Engagement Ring?

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Press release issued by AB Newswire on October 7, 2022