Jewelry Care

Custom Jewlery Care

I want you to be able to wear your jewelry with confidence.  Here are some jewelry care recommendations to make sure your jewelry stays in great condition:

Always remove your jewelry when it might come into contact with any chemicals, such as those found in cleaning products, lotions, makeup and hair products, and pools/hot tubs. Many of these chemicals can damage gold and delicate gemstones.

Always remove your jewelry before swimming, exercising, heavy lifting, doing any outdoor work, or any activity in which your jewelry could be repeatedly bumped, scraped, or caught.

The safest way to clean your jewelry is to use blue dish soap, a soft bristled toothbrush, and warm water. If you want a more thorough clean, you can purchase an ultrasonic cleaner and/or steam cleaner. ONLY put jewelry set with untreated diamonds, sapphires, rubies, or Moissanite in an ultrasonic and/or steam cleaner.

Be sure to thoroughly read the instructions for any liquid jewelry cleaner/soak before using one to clean your jewelry. Some cleaners can permanently damage the metal if left for too long.

If you would like jewelry that you almost never have to take off, contact me to create a design meant to withstand more wear and tear.

Opal and Pearl Jewelry Care

Opals and pearls are especially fragile gemstones that require special care and attention.  Here are some ways to make sure your opals and pearls stay in great condition.

Pearls and opals are ESPECIALLY susceptible to chemical damage. Always remove your opals and pearls before using any cleaning products, soap, lotion, pools and hot tubs, and hair and makeup products.

Opals and pearls are very easy to scratch and chip. Take off any opal and pearl jewelry before any activity that might cause the stones to get bumped, scraped, or caught.

The best way to clean opals and pearls is to use mild dish soap, a very soft bristled toothbrush, and warm water. DO NOT put an opal or pearl in an ultrasonic and/or steam cleaner.

Knotted or strung pearls cannot be submerged in water. The water will damage the silk/nylon cord. Simply dampen a soft cloth and run it over the pearls to clean.

Never use a chemical jewelry cleaner on your opal and pearl jewelry.

Sterling Silver Jewelry Care

Sterling silver is made up of different metals, some of which will react to chemicals found in the air.  This reaction will produce a tarnish on the surface of the metal.  Here are some ways to keep your silver jewelry looking bright and shiny:

High moisture levels and exposure to sunlight can make your silver jewelry tarnish faster. Store your silver jewelry in a dry location and away from any natural sunlight.

Certain chemicals and contaminates such as salt water or sulfur hot springs will also cause sterling silver to tarnish. Take off your silver jewelry before swimming or cleaning.

You can use jewelry cleaning products like dips, creams, or silver cleaning cloths to remove any tarnish from the surface of the silver. Be sure to make sure any gemstones set in silver can withstand the cleaning products (if unsure, silver cleaning cloths are the safest option).

Always remember, the more you wear your sterling silver jewelry, the less it will tarnish